light in the darkness


light in the darkness

Here are lady Romilda and the Prestes Maia’s coordinator, lady Jomarina, cooking in an improvised kitchen at the encampment. Both of them live at Prestes Maia occupation, and they were cooking pasta for hundreds people of the Downtown Homeless Movement. They have been camping several times, on the streets, in front of the São Paulo’s city hall, as a way to protest and pressure the mayor about their cause.
Finally, I think it started to work.

Sir. Gilberto Kassab, the actual mayor from the city in person, went friday night (april, 13th) to Prestes Maia building and talk to with the families. The eviction is alredy suspended, 60 days again. But now I think they have something new.

There happened an representative meeting last thursday,12th, that joined Marcio Fontes, Minister of the city, the city mayor, and other representants from federal, state and municipal sphere to resolve the problem of the Prestes Maia families. They are planning a progressive and pacific withdrawal of them, to move groups of families for other buildings, mostly of them still inside the downtown city area, with the support of the federal governament who will reform and rent popular habitations for immediate moving.

São Paulo, Brasil
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