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Under Cloudy Skies - Explore

Grand Canyon National Park
Arizona, USA
Grand Canyon National Park
Arizona, USA

This photo was taken on a late winter day when even direct sunlight is a bit softer. One alway hopes for beautiful light for landscape photography, but even without it and with the very soft light provided by the complete cloud cover, it is clear that the Grand Canyon is a special place. When I view this photo, I can’t help but think layers. Layers of colors, layers of canyons across the expanse and the geological layers exposed by millions of years of erosion.
It strikes me that nothing man made can be seen and that had a Native American stood at this location 5,000 years ago, the view would have been the same.
The canyon is more than 200 miles long 12 miles wide and a mile deep. The national park is visited by about 6 million people a year. On a clear day, like this one, it is possible to see for 100 miles and the distance across to the North Rim seems to shrink.
There are always visitors at the South Rim of the park, but during the winter season, it is possible to find overlooks with few or no other visitors. One can find a sense of serenity when viewing a scene like this especially when viewing it alone.

Nikon D800
Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 at 24 mm
1/320 sec at f/10 ISO 100
Single capture
March 4, 2014
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